Hiring Scaffolding Vs. Buying Scaffolding

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll need scaffolding for your next work project, then the next biggest choice you will have to make is whether to hire or buy your equipment at Mr Scaffold. There is no simple answer here, as it’s down to a variety of factors which will impact which is the better decision for you. You’ll need to ensure you adhere to OSHA guidelines regardless of what you choose to do – some hire companies can help with this, but if you have the expertise and the resources available you might prefer to buy.  

What to consider

Financial considerations are what your choice will likely boil down to, as you’ll want to get the best return for your investment. Purchasing scaffolding is a large upfront expense, but can save you a lot in the long run if you will regularly require the scaffolding for longer periods of time – such as three months or longer. You will have to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections to adhere to safety standards in Australia, this can be expensive and require the hiring of qualified professionals –this is important to consider before purchasing new scaffolding.

Another factor in considering the cost of purchasing scaffolding is that you will also need storage available to keep your equipment when it is not in use. Hiring storage facilities can inflate costs considerably.

Hire materials will be securely stored in hired facilities, and can be expertly erected by professional hire staff. For one of or shorter projects, hiring equipment can be considerably less expensive.  

If you’re trying to hire then the general rule to follow is that projects require oddly shaped scaffolding, or structures over 6 metres then hiring is the way to go. Smaller structures for longer use might indicate buying is a better choice.   

Safety considerations

workers standing on a scaffolding

Safety is paramount when it comes to construction equipment and scaffolding. Australia has some very detailed occupational health and safety guidelines that must be followed to help protect the lives and safety of construction workers. Falls from heights is the number one cause of construction equipment death. Poorly managed safety equipment can be a huge liability and threaten the lives and safety and workers –that’s why proper professional advice are necessary. Hiring well-trained staff with the correct certifications is essential. Most hire company have staff for hire that can be mobilized quickly to get your project off the ground faster.

Where to hire or buy

There are many different highly knowledgeable and experienced hire and equipment companies. These companies will be able to advise on the best equipment for your job. They often offer additional services such as installation, safety advice, storage and staff hire. If you require people with the correct certifications and training then going through a reputable hire company is the best way to ensure your project runs smoothly and safely.

Go through a local provider for easy on-site service and fast delivery. This will ensure you’re project runs simply and easily from the get-go.

If you’re trying to decide whether to hire or buy your equipment the hopefully you’ve found these tips to be useful. In the end it comes down to a number of important factors and considerations, such as the nature of your project, your workforce, your budget and your safety needs.

Ask around and compare prices and service offerings before you settle on your chosen provider. There are many different types of equipment out there, and different levels of expertise, so it’s important to shop around find the best supplier for you and your business needs.


When Usability and Beauty Come Together To Form The Perfect Site

These days with so much competition around your website really needs to be perfect and have that “X factor” that is going to make it stand out from the rest. There are two main areas apart from SEO in Sydney that you need to focus on when creating your perfect website: usability and beauty.

You cannot have one without the other and there should be no conceding. The functionality of your website need to be solid. Users need to have a clear understanding of how to probably use your website and navigate through it. Without usability, your visitors will find it difficult to search your website.

As well as this, you need beauty! Your website needs to look good. But remember that sometimes a really good looking may not have the best usability. So it is important that you find a good balance between the two. Try to think of new and interesting ways that you can include beautiful features on your website.

When you combine usability and beauty you can truly have the perfect website. So take a look below at some of the ways you can have both a high functioning and stunning website:

1. Squint Your Eyes

A very official way of checking out just how good your design is! It may seem a bit silly but it definitely works. By squinting your eyes you can understand what the most important parts of your page are and see which parts stand out the most.

The parts of your page that should be most clear are the headers as well as the main menu. You should also think about spacing when you are looking at your page. You can tell what are the more important features by the amount of spacing that is around it.

By conducting a squint test, you can see whether or not you are meeting this requirements. One of the problems many websites have is that there are too many important features on any single page that are fighting for user attention. If it takes a user too longer to identify the important aspects then a change needs to be made.

You don’t need to be designing for a professional web designer’s approval, only for your target market. So your goal is to ensure positive usability for anyone, for example if you pluck someone from off the street, they can still use your website easily.

It could also be a good idea to look at the main design elements of your competitors. Conduct the squint test on their website and see what they are doing well and not so well.  Take the best parts of their design and think of ways you can take it to the next level.

2. Iconography Needs To Be Labeled


Icons are great little features to include on your website. However, you need to use icons with care because it can actually become quite confusing to a user if they do not understand your chosen icons. If a user becomes confused it will take them longer to figure things out and they could end up giving up and leaving.

The best thing to do when using icons is to label them. That way there is no confusion what so ever as to what each of your icons mean. Text helps to improve functionality, a user clearly knows what’s what and they can find what they are looking for and navigate your website much more easier.

With icons and text you are leaving nothing to chance as a user can much more easily work what the icon means. Icons are certainly a great feature to include on your website, but they need to be used properly.

3. Consistency is Key

When it comes to visual cues you need to be consistent. It is important that you ensure all your visuals are working together and not trying to pull your website apart from the seam. Choose a style and run with it, do not try to mix and match too many different styles as this can create confusion with your audience.

For example, when you have any links in your content, the font is usually blue. This is because it signifies something to the user – that they can click on the blue words and visit another page.

Also, if you use the drop shadow feature you are showcasing to the user that this is an important part of your website. This means that you shouldn’t use this feature for sections of your site that isn’t particularly important. Inconsistency is confusing and it means that a user is spending more trying to figure it out.

Consistency of design needs to be present across all pages. So the same font size and colour needs to be used for headings and plain text on every page. Background colour/s and layout should also be similar across every page.

The Best Foods To Order At A Chinese Restaurant

When it comes to trying a different cuisine, a Chinese restaurant is often one of the first things that comes into people’s minds. Chinese restaurants have been in Australia for a long time now and are widely accepted as a delicious meal option. They have such a wide range of foods that are designed to meet everyone’s needs making it a great family choice.

Over time, many of these outlets throughout Australia have become a little adapted to the Australian taste whilst also offering traditional options to allow both the Chinese population of Australia and those looking to try new foods to enjoy the authentic taste. This has created a fondness surrounding the cuisine and led to an abundance of choices. However, so many of these Chinese restaurants have very large menus that can ultimately be hard to navigate and decide on which foods are going to be the best. This is why when you visit a Chinese restaurant it is wise to have a look at the list below of foods to try.


Fried rice

Fried rice is a classic dish of any Chinese restaurant and is a must order item. It’s certainly a crowd pleaser and a great way to fill out the meal with some delicious rice. One of the good things about fried rice is that it comes in many different varieties and you can select the ones which you like the best. Most will have seafood and a vegetable option whilst many also offer beef, chicken and pork options also.


Sweet and sour pork

This is another dish that everyone will love. Sweet and sour pork is a beautiful combination of sweet and savoury flavours and goes beautifully with steamed vegetables as it brings out the flavour in the vegetables.


Black pepper beef

A flavorsome option, the black pepper and garlic beef is a classic of all Chinese restaurants. Rich in flavour and adding a little hit of heat, it is hard to go past the black pepper beef. This is usually stir fried and served with vegetables and/or noodles.


Salt and pepper squid


Whilst this has become a bit of a classic dish across all cuisines it is certainly still a favourite at all Chinese restaurants. The classic combination of salt and pepper is brought to life by the saltiness of the squid and the crisp outside created by the light, deep-friend batter. Whilst it often does provide a little bit of a bang in the mouth it is rarely too spicy to eat, even for the kids.



All too often people avoid tofu but it is something that simply must be ordered whenever you visit a Chinese restaurant. Tofu has been a staple of all Asian cuisines for a long time due to its ease of production and nutritional value. Most places will have a range of tofu options that cook and soak it in a variety of different flavours from chicken stock, to seafood to spice rich combinations of pepper, garlic and chilli.