Physical Activities

Why Swimming Is Better Than Other Physical Activities

Swimming is one of the best sports one could ever take up – so, water babies out there cheers to you! You’ve chosen a sport that is super-cool (literally!) so you deserve some cheers! Most people often struggle to find the perfect physical activity, one that will keep them fit without having to put in a lot of time and effort – for all those, go dive into the pool! And if you’re still apprehensive about swimming, I’ve got a whole lot of reasons why you should choose swimming over any other sport! Read on!


No injuries:
The injuries your body would have to bear while running or playing any other sport – you won’t have to if you’ve taken up swimming! In fact, I myself took up swimming after I had a nagging pain in my knee, courtesy running. After taking up swimming, my knee pain entirely vanished and I had a fit and toned body – something that was getting hard to achieve with running!

no injuries


Perfect cardio:
Swimming is the best cardio activity, one that will get your heart all pumping and throbbing. It’s a great aerobic activity which improves your cardiopulmonary capacity. And the best part about it? You don’t sweat at all!


Improves breathing:
If you have any kind of respiratory illnesses, go in for swimming. And no, the cold won’t aggravate your illness, in fact, swimming will help you get rid of all the unwanted, unnecessary secretions in the body, clearing your respiratory tract and helping you breathe better!


Toned muscles:

Your body has to push through the resistance put up by water, and this helps to tone your body. And who doesn’t love that toned, tanned look? We do!


Builds muscle:
When you swim, your body will look toned and trimmed down, but the weighing machine won’t show a drastic weight reduction. The logic is simple – your fat is getting converted into muscle! All the unwanted fat is burnt away, and the rest is converted into muscle – giving your body a strong look.


Normalizes blood pressure:

less blood pressureIf you ever feel your blood pressure fluctuating either way, take a dip in the pool and swim for a while. Swimming has a wonderful capacity to normalize your pulse rate and thus bring back the blood pressure levels back to normal!


You can eat as much as you want to:
That’s because swimming helps you burn it all off! So eat to your heart’s content and swim to your heart’s content!