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What Immune Booster Supplements Producers Don’t Want You to Know

Most immune booster supplements don’t work. Matter of factly, they create more harm than good. The producers rip you off your money by selling snake oil to you while they smile their way to the bank. In this article, we will educate you on what info you should check out when you buy immune booster supplements, the dangers of supplements, and whatnot. 

Dangers of some immune booster supplements 

Because it’s written on the pack “all-natural” does not mean it is safe for your consumption. Here are some of the dangers of consuming supplements. 

Some of them are not risk-free. 

There are thousands of reports that exist on the life-threatening adverse effects some consumers experienced on consuming some supplements. Some came down with kidney, heart, and liver problems. Others experienced allergies, aches, vomiting, and fatigue. This has resulted in hospitalizations with some even leading to emergency and reported deaths. This may not be enough proof the supplements are the cause, but the numbers are high enough to raise eyebrows. 

Some of these immune booster supplements contain levels of vitamins that are far above the recommended daily dose. 

Some prescription drugs mask themselves as immune booster supplements 

Prescription drugs are not the only threat to man’s health. Now even some supplements pose health threats to their consumers. This is because some of the active ingredients used to create prescription drugs have been found in supplements increasing the risk of coming down with a heart problem or stroke.  

Some people take supplements to avoid some of the adverse effects associated with prescription drugs only to experience the same adverse effects to their greatest shock. 

You run the risk of overdosing on vitamins & minerals 

Many don’t realize you could overdose on vitamins or minerals (the major constituents of immune booster supplements). And, over dosage of these things cause more harm than you think. For example, beta carotene is purported to boost your immune system and is found in most of the supplements you consume. Research shows that overdosing on it was found to increase the risk of lung cancer. 

Secondly, they can interfere with your regular medicine causing intense chemical reactions in your system. Also, there is a class of people whose body experiences adverse reactions from consuming excess amounts of calcium or iron. 

Always consult your doctor before you consume immune booster supplements. 

No supplement has cured any disease 

The producers of these supplements don’t want you to know this. When you do, it’s a loss for them. Be wary of all-natural products or supplements that make bogus claims that they have cured or prevented diseases. That’s false. No supplement has been proven to cure any disease. 

What to check when buying immune booster supplements 

Read their claims. If you feel it’s bogus, trust your guts, the supplement is fake or the producers are exaggerating its performance. 

Check expiration dates. This is very important. Consuming expired products can negatively affect your system.

Choose brands labeled with the proper authority. This adds to its credibility. 

Remember, to always research the ingredients contained in immune booster supplements and always seek your doctor’s opinion!