Future Of Self Driving Cars

What we watched in those high-tech sci-fi movies, has actually come into reality! Yes – self-driving or autonomous vehicles are the future. How long is it going to take for this technology to be accepted across the world? Whether we have the infrastructure ready, to ensure the smooth functioning of these cars? And whether or not these cars are efficient enough to do what they promise – now those are questions which time will answer!


As per reports, the world is not yet ready to accept the autonomous cars, and there’s still a long way to go. And even though Elon Musk, one of the pioneers of these self-driven cars has announced that self-driven cars will be as common as elevators in less than a decade, we won’t know how true it is until the decade has passed by!

The fact is that we have had airplanes on auto-pilot mode – for a long time now. The pilots handle the takeoff; the plane handles the rest by itself. If we have implemented this technology in a much bigger machine, it should be pretty easy to implement this in smaller vehicles – which is what tech giants have done. The increased use of these cars will be a jolt for the automobile sector, which still produces cars that one has to drive.


When self-driven vehicles come into the picture, people will opt for Uber and Ola to provide them with self-driven cars – why would they buy a car when you’re not going to drive it even otherwise? This will also sort the issue of pollution, as lesser people will actually go in for purchasing their own cars. Another advantage is that these app-based self-driven cars will be on the move constantly, so the issue of parking is tackled right there. Road accidents, most of which are caused by human error, will also drastically decrease. And along with this, the insurance sector will plummet too!



The advantages are many if observed; these cars are better off than the manual ones. And that’s what actually, makes us so curious about it. But these cars have had their failures too, which is one reason why we’re still apprehensive about accepting them. There have been a couple of incidents of death or damage caused due to the failure of the self-driven cars. These technological errors had to be attended to and sorted in a foolproof manner, which probably will convince us about the validity of these cars.